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Kelly Zepelin, Ph.D.

• Wild Food • Microbiome • Soil • Stewardship•  MS Warrior • Food Sovereignty • Decolonization •

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Forager, ethnobotanist, anthropologist of food, and MS warrior based in Durango, Colorado. I am currently pursuing postdoctoral work in growing and raising my daughter.

I am interested in issues of human and ecological health in a changing climate, local food resilience, decolonizing diets and land. My research starts at the level of microbes, and dirt, and extends to guts, plants, people and forests. The ecosystems of the body and the ecosystems of this earth are inseparable.

The intention of this website is to help animate the value of wild food, healthy lands, and inspire alternative food relationships in a rapidly changing nutrient deficient world. 

Here you'll find information about my recent wild adventures in foraging, soil restoration, and wild food projects. You can find information about my dissertation research on the About Me page or in my Blog.

If you'd like to learn about any of these topic, have questions about my work, or just want to connect, feel free to send me a message on the Contact page.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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What is My Dissertation About? A Synopsis.

I recently wrote this synopsis of my dissertation for a Dissertation Completion Fellowship for the University of Colorado Boulder. Since...

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